Aries Mar 21 - Apr 19 - Today you will pass by a four leaf clover and not even notice it, and you will also not see that penny which would have brought you luck all day. That's really going to suck because you bought all those lottery tickets, but it's ok because you are already lucky with your charm, good looks and pleasant personality.  Share that luck with the beards at The Bearded Cafe and enjoy yourself a Vanilla Spring Street Latte over ice and you will feel the luck yourself.  And remember, a beard is meant to be admired, so give a compliment when you see one - your day will surely be even luckier after that.

Taurus Apr 20 - May 20 - Were you late for work today? Was traffic bad on your commute? Did you realize you wore two different socks when you sat down at your desk?  Well, your day can't go anywhere but up from here right?  So you could make prank phone calls to all your co-workers to get out some frustration and laugh a little or you could go to The Bearded Cafe.  When you walk into the cafe and the beards offer you a cold brew, all your troubles will melt in the presence of this incredible cold drink.  So hurry up and change your day by visiting The Bearded Cafe.  And remember, like people beards come in all shapes and sizes - so accept and appreciate them all

Gemini May 21 - Jun 20 - You've worked hard lately and you might be thinking to yourself that you would love to be pampered for a change - maybe a massage, maybe a glass of wine, maybe some soft music with no one around to disturb you.  But if you think about it, you would just love someone to do your laundry and wash your dishes.  Well if none of that can happen at least you have The Bearded Cafe where you can pamper yourself with a Chocolate "Frosted Beard" and add two one ounce shots of Espresso.  While you drink this summertime sensation, you will feel pampered and special.  So hurry up and get down to The Bearded Cafe and enjoy yourself.  And remember, a beard takes dedication, care and time - so appreciate it.

Cancer Jun 21 - Jul 22 - Today you are a mix of emotions and feelings.  One minute you are low on energy and need a pick me up, the next minute you are overheated and need to cool down, and finally your thinking something sweet would just make it all better for you.  You probably shouldn't have skipped your medications today, because it's hard to satisfy all these different feelings!!!  Fortunately The Bearded Cafe can fix you a drink that satisfies them all--the Cold Palmetto Hipster Mocha will take care of everyone one of those cravings with Espresso to pick you up, ICE to cool you down and Chocolate to give you that sweetness.  Hurry up and get one before the day is over.  And remember, sometimes you don't actually need a plan, you just need a beard!!!

Leo July 23 - Aug 22 - The roar of the Lion is loud and can be mistaken as aggressive and dangerous even if it's not.  But a purr is almost always a soothing sound that will melt most people.......and for those it doesn't melt, your teeth are big enough to bite their heads off.  However there is a time to roar but today is a time to purr, you will get further with a purr.  The best way to find your purr is to come to The Bearded Cafe and have the ultimate coffee drinking experience, The Pour Over.  The aroma alone will bring out that purr like never before.  And remember, a beard is like True Love, it never ends it just grows.

Virgo Aug 23 - Sep 22 - When you were a baby all you had to do was cry and you got your way.  As a teenager you manipulated one or both of your parents with half truths and you got your way.  As an adult all your crying and manipulation just makes enemies.  You need to throw money at problems to get your way now and even that sometimes doesn't work.  So try the crying bit again, it might still work.  If all else fails, come down to The Bearded Cafe for a Southern Charm Sweet Tea, you will always get your way there.  And remember, keep calm and grow a beard.

Libra Sep 23 - Oct 22 - Problems with your car? Problems with weight gain? Problems in general?  They are only problems if you do not deal with them.  And if you're not dealing with them, well then go to the beach.....you probably won't find any problems there.  But before you do, stop by The Bearded Cafe for a Single Origin Columbian drip coffee in a Full Beard Size.  No better way to melt your troubles away.  And remember, it's good to have beardless friends when you go out, others will think you are their leader.

Scorpio Oct 23 - Nov 21 - It's very hot today and your office has several AC vents.  But it doesn't seem to be working for you because you are still overheated.  Well.....if you close all the vents furthest from you, then the one closest to you will push out more AC and you will cool down.  Of course when everyone finds out what you did, you will catch hell from them  So take yourself down to the Bearded Cafe, where the AC is always on, and have yourself a Mocha Macchiato - hot or over ice, this is delicious.  And remember, you don't choose the beard life, the beard life chooses you.

Sagittarius Nov 22 - Dec 21 - You feel like these work weeks just last forever.  And your idea of the work week starting on Wednesday at 9am and Ending on Wednesday at 4pm didn't really catch on with management.  And your idea of a 4 hour lunch break so you can rejuvenate was looked at with skepticism.  It's hard to be progressive when you get so little support.  But don't give up, your time is coming.  In the mean time, come down to The Bearded Cafe and have a Strawberry "Frosted Beard"...you will love it and you will feel better about your work week.  And remember, bearded guys cuddle better.

Capricorn Dec 22 - Jan 19 - Your dreams are a window into the soul.  They show us a little bit about ourselves, so share them with others so you can share a little bit about yourself.  Others will appreciate it.  Except for that one dream where you and.........well you know which one I'm talking about.....don't share that one ever...you know why!!!  And remember, beards are epic.

Aquarius Jan20 - Feb 18 - You really try to take your health seriously.  You watch your carbs, calories, sugars and you stop at the gym every single day.  Maybe today is the day you actually go inside?  It's a day for action and even if you don't work out, you can still stop by the BEARDED cafe for an Americano.  You will not regret it!!!  And remember, believe in the beard, trust the beard and respect the beard.

Pisces Feb 19 - Mar 20 - Things get adventurous for you this week Pisces.  You know how you always want to order that other dish at the Thai restaurant but then you're like "what if I don't like it and then I've wasted all this money when I could have just ordered Pad Thai which I already know that I like"?  Well this time you take the plunge and order it.  You might want to eat somewhere else every once in a while too!!!  You will not have that problem at The Bearded Cafe, because "Cold or Hot, Sweet or Not, it's all good".  And remember, beards make every day a better day!!